Sword of Col Manners Charles Wood 10th Hussars

Place of Origin: Britain

Date: c.1885

Overall Length:

Ref #1011


The sword of Colonel Manners Charles Wood, 10th Hussars. 

1821 Pattern light cavalry hilt, mounted to a spectacular patent solid tang Highland Officer’s broadsword blade. The blade is in very good condition and is beautifully etched on both sides. One side of the blade is etched with the Victorian Crown and Cypher as well as the maker’s (retailer’s) name and address: Patent Solid Tang; Cater and Co.; Pall Mall London. The opposite side of the blade is profusely etched with the insignia of the Prince of Wales’s Own 10th Royal Hussars, the regiment’s battle honours from the Peninsula to Egypt 1884 and the monogram MCW. The hilt is of steel and is in near perfect condition. The grip is wire wrapped with the thickened tang evident between what appears to be two rubber or heavy leather grip scales. The sword knot is period but probably replaced. The scabbard is steel with two suspension rings and the attached tag identifying the sword to Lt. Col. M.C. Wood. Commanding Officer 10th Hussars 1892-1896.

This sword has an interesting and very rare patent solid tang, Highland officer’s broadsword blade specially made for Colonel Wood, Xth Hussars. Typically an 1821 pattern blade is fitted to this 1821 pattern hilt, but on this occasion, almost certainly due to his experience in the Afghan War of 1878-79 where he was nearly killed (see links below), Col. Wood decided to have a different blade mounted to his 1821 pattern hilt. Apparently upon his return to England he commissioned a replacement sword that would be very strong for active service with a reduced likelihood of catastrophic failure, hence the Highland broadsword blade with the added insurance of a Patent Solid Tang. 

It is a unique combination that I have never seen before and incredible addition to any serious British sword collector. 

Below listed is a link to a blog written on this officer and on this particular sword.


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