Sword of Colonel Philip Saltmarshe, Royal Artillery

Place of Origin: Britain

Date: c.1873


Overall Length: 40 1/8”

Blade 34 1/4”

Ref #1012


The Sword of Lieutenant (later Colonel) Philip Saltmarshe, Royal Artillery.

1821 Pattern Light Cavalry Hilt and Blade, commissioned by P. Saltmarshe from Henry Wilkinson. The overall blade, hilt and scabbard are in good used condition. The sword has a wonderful patina and the signs of a weapon carried by an active officer; having been carried in both the Afghan and Boer Wars. 


The blade is etched on both sides. One side with the maker’s name, Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall London; The British Royal Coat of Arms, a Victorian Crown, and the Motto of the Regiment “Ubique” framed by Scottish thistles, Irish Shamrocks and the English Rose. On the opposite side of the blade is the insignia of the Royal Artillery as well as the Coat of Arms for Philip Saltmarshe of Saltmarshe Hall, Yorkshire (1). The Saltmarshe estate has belonged to the Saltmarshe family since the Norman Conquest in 1066.

The spine of the blade has the serial number 18997, which corresponds to the sales receipt in the photo attached. The photo quality is poor, but the signature at the bottom reads received by ‘a Mr. J. Daniels (?) for P. Saltmarshe in what appears to be 16th July, 1873, he became Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on January 9th, 1873.

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(1) – Fairbairn’s Book of Crests, Heraldry Today, 1984.

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