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ROSS ARMS | Antique Arms & Armour

Ross Arms was created by Jeffrey Ross to connect with likeminded, collectors, students and scholars in the field of arms and armour research, collection and preservation.

Jeffrey is a self-directed student in the field of arms and armour, with a focus on edged weapons and has had the good fortune to travel the world and learn from many specialists in this field of study. This site will attempt to provide likeminded people with a new resource, forum for networking and discussion as well as the opportunity to acquire authentic artifacts.



I started collecting twenty years ago and like many collectors started with smaller more affordable artifacts. My focus has always been on edged weapons so the collection started with bayonets and early axes as they were both affordable as well as available. The bayonet interest diminished very quickly, as it became apparent to me very early on that my greatest passion lay in the artistry of early hand forged weapons that displayed as much natural colour and patina as possible. For more details visit the full About section.


All items on display or for sale on this website are 100% guaranteed for authenticity. The artifacts have been assembled with a strong emphasis on complete originality and genuine patina. However, weapons that are passed down through generations do go through working life alterations, which I consider part of their natural history.

As they pass down through collector generations they can also be altered via cleaning or restoration. I deliberately avoid displaying items that have been over-cleaned, are modern composites of original components, or have been poorly restored.

Rest assured that any artifacts sold or displayed by myself, which have been altered in any way from their original historical state, will be minimal and will be thoroughly explained in my descriptions.

All items have been vetted for authenticity, purity and with an eye for artistic quality.


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