British Basket Hilt

Place of Origin: British Isles

Date: c.1750

Overall Length: 40”, blade 33.5”

Ref #1003


An incredible specimen of a mid 18th century Highland Officer’s Sword in a fantastic state of preservation. In fact, it is one of the best we have ever seen of its type. The sword has survived in near mint condition. The Hilt is solid, is well decorated for its type and bears a lovely brown patina. The grip and buff leather liner are original and in excellent condition. The immaculate blade is a four fullered broadsword with two small fullers at the ricasso, where also exists an original leather washer. There are two longer fullers that run almost the entire length of the blade and have the name ANDRIA FERARA etched into either side (I believe this blade is a product of Birmingham rather than from Germany). The original scabbard has lost its drag at the base, but the rest of it is in well preserved and solid condition. Having a scabbard at all is a rare and welcome compliment to this fantastic sword.

These swords are evolved from the 17th century English basket hilts as evidenced by the classic bun shaped pommel, but also from the Glasgow style basket hilts of the late 17th and 18th centuries as can be seen in the style of piercings in the guard. In combination with the extremely high quality blade the sword actually leans closer to the Scottish swords and as such many dealers are now calling them Scottish, though it is my belief that they are British made for the Highland Regiments.

Either way this is a rare sword in a very scarce state of preservation.

Price $5,000.00 (USD)