Henry Hadley Pistol

Place of Origin: Britain

Date: c.1750

Overall Length: 7 1/4’

Ref #1009


A Henry Hadley pistol that would date to circa 1750, with an upgraded firing mechanism installed by a professional gunsmith in the first quarter of the 19th century. The pistol originally would have been a flintlock but has been exceptionally well converted to percussion as a deliberate upgrade to the weapon. Alterations such as this indicate how long this pistol survived as working firearm as well as the appreciation the owner had for the gun, because the upgrade would have been expensive to do.  

Henry Hadley was one of the finest gunsmiths in London in the 18th century. This pistol is indicative of his work with all silver furniture, including the escutcheon which bears an unknown personal coat of arms. Minimal attempt has been made to identify the coat of arms, we will leave it to the next owner to do this work if so desired.

A very fine quality pistol, by a top London gunmaker and excellent addition to any pistol collection.

Price $2,950 (USD)