Officer’s Dagger

Place of Origin: British Isles

Date: c.1800


Dagger Length: 16.25 inches

Blade length: 11.75 inches

Quillon width :4.25 inches

Ref #1018


For sale is a very rare example of a British Infantry Officer’s Dagger from the late 18th century. The grip is styled after an earlier quillon dagger and ring guard, formed of brass alloy. The grip is ray skin and the pommel cap, also of brass, is undisturbed.  The diamond sectioned blade tapers to an acute point and is in overall very good condition with only light staining throughout parts of the blade. The blue and gilt royal coat of arms is present on both sides and overall retains about 60% of the original finish. The Scabbard, as is typical for surviving examples, has lost its tip. The leather has also shrunk making it difficult to pull up to the forte of the blade, though the brass scabbard throat can be removed and fits perfectly at the base of the blade. The dagger was picked out of an estate in Eastern Ontario Canada, the family name was Quinn. It has been left in untouched “as found” condition. Based on the original origin of the dirk and where it was found this dagger is almost certainly a survivor from the War of 1812.

Price $1,650.00 (USD)