Penobscot Root Club

Place of Origin: USA

Date: c.1930

Overall: 21 inches

Ref #1017


Large Penobscot Root Club. Beautifully painted with a chip carved handle and human face at the top of the club. The Penobscot root club was a native made weapon prior to the 19th century. The example shown here is a continuation of this tradition carved by a Penobscot carver for the tourist market in the early 20th century. What is particularly striking about this piece is the quality of the carving, the face and the elaborate nature of the stalk. The paint quality and condition is excellent, with the exception of the signed label, which has chipped away enough to be illegible. However, to the knowledgeable collector the form and style of the label should be enough to nail down the artist that carved this club.

Price $550.00 (USD)