Shipman’s Dirk

Place of Origin: British Isles

Date: c.1800


Dagger Length: 15.50 inches

Blade length: 11.75 inches

Quillon width: 3.50 inches

Ref #1019


For sale is a very high quality British Midshipman’s Dirk from the late 18th to early 19th centuries. The dirk is in completely untouched and “as found” condition. As such, it wreaks of age and authenticity. The blade has acquired a rich black patina, that stands in stark contrast to the gilded brass mounts. The brass mounts on the dirk retain a significant amount of the gold gilding and are of exceptional quality. This was a very expensive dirk that belonged no doubt to a young midshipman that came from a family of means. The ivory grip shows signs of age and use but is solid and intact. The original silver, gold gilt chain has survived in perfect condition and is attached to the pommel via an exceptional iron suspension ring that has been chiselled in the form of a rope and also retains remnants of gold gilding. This is a historic piece of classic British Naval History.

Price $1,250.00 (USD)